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Factors to consider when purchasing bespoke staircases

Posted by on Jun 21, 2016

Factors to consider when purchasing bespoke staircases

Purchasing a new staircase must take into lot of consideration because it is a costly investment and would usually take a lot of work especially if your house or building doesn’t have enough space for staircases. Below is a guide that would help you in purchasing staircases.


Consumers would most likely consider the aesthetic look of a staircase before purchasing one so it is important to consider the design you wanted your staircase to have. It should suit the architecture of the house and it must be both stylish and safe. Clients are quite keen about the appearance of the staircase because it is one of the most eye-catching components of the house. The visual impact would most likely reflect on the personal taste of the owner.

There’s actually plenty and wide variety of designs you can choose from granite to glass and spindles. Before you pick a design, you should consider the building regulations and the impact it would have on your home.


If you simply wanted to replace your staircase and update it for a more refreshing appearance of the house, you would eventually need the presence of an architect to analyze the space of your house and see if there are any adjustments to be made and make sure that the new staircase would fit perfectly in terms of style and proportion.


  • If you don’t want any delays while on the process of working, then you must at least prepare for the installation of the staircase. Make sure to vacate the upper floor while the construction is on-going and also prepare for dusts and disruption.
  • Bespoke designs can be quite costly but it offers the most beautiful aesthetic looks and effective durability. Bespoke staircases by Stairway Joinery would be the best choice if you are looking for wide variety of bespoke staircases.
  • The space to be used would most likely depend on you, especially in private residential homes. But if you live in modern buildings, it can be quite difficult to make further adjustments and break the limit just to install a staircase.
  • The materials to be used varies from glass structures to matt to oak and woods. There are plenty of them that you can choose from. Staircases is a major part of the house that needs to take into major consideration because it could make or break the transcend fashion of your house or building.
  • For those who wanted to stick within their budget range, it is not necessary to purchase a whole new staircase. You could just provide a more open-plan feel by just removing the cupboards under the stairs.
  • If you want the light to filter through the space, consider replacing it with solid risers to improve the lightning and reflection of the house.
  • If you want to go with the current trend, you could just swap your balustrades into its modern equivalent or invest into bespoke staircases.

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